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Afoxe Ijexa (For Oxum) Ijexa is an Afro Brazilian ceremonial music played for Oxum. The deity Oxum is represented by fresh water, rivers, and streams. These elements are present in the movements of the dancers as they wash themselves in the water. This rhythm is traditionally played with 3 drums, 1 Agogo bell, and one afoxe rattle. At some point this rhythm expanded and became used in street processions by the earliest Afro Brazilian Blocos. (street groups). The most recognized for this was Filhos De Gandhy (Sons of Gandhi), which created a place for people of African descent to explore their roots as well as participate in the Carnaval. The group parades in white and blue, and promotes peace within the general chaos of Carnaval, by encouraging unity, breaking up fights, and promoting tolerance and moderation.
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