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Dance Today! Samba DVD

This DVD is an Instructional Samba Lesson taught by Quenia Ribeiro. It features 2 separate choreographies, one fast and one slow. In addition there is a live performance by Quenia Ribeiro and Grupo Ribeiro. Watch as Quenia breaks down the basic moves for Samba from Rio de Janeiro. All levels from beginner to advanced can benefit from this exciting, and informative DVD.

The Samba Reggae Workout

There are many different styles of samba music and dance in Brazil. In this instructional DVD Quenia Ribeiro teaches Samba Reggae, a style of music and dance popularized in Salvador Bahia, Brazil by groups such as, Olodum, Ile Aiye, Ara Ketu, and Muzenza to name just a few. Samba Reggae is an explosive, high energy blend of Brazilian Samba and Jamaican Reggae. The Samba Reggae Workout begins with an explanation of the basic steps and rhythm, followed by a ten minute warmup including a wide range of excercises to loosen and stretch your muscles and engage your core. Next, Quenia leads two workout sessions utilizing her own authentic Samba Reggae choreography. (Medium and High intensity)

Cardio Samba Workout

Learn authentic Rio De Janeiro style Brazilian samba ( samba no pe ) as you perform a high-energy dynamic cardio workout. Set to joyful and uplifting Brazilian samba music, The Cardio Samba Workout is designed by Brazilian samba dancer and instructor Quenia Ribeiro, and demonstrated by Quenia and her New York City-based dance company, Grupo Ribeiro. Quenia blends the dance instruction into the fitness program in a way that will keep you focused on the dance steps as you are working out, so the workout feels like a dance party or a fun dance class.

Limited Edition Samba Tshirt

For all the Samba lovers out there !! Limited edition 'I love to dance samba' Tshirt. Color: Green Front: Yellow 'SAMBA' logo and silhouette of Samba Dancer Quenia striking a pose. Back: Sizes Medium 21 in. width / 26 height Tight Medium 19 in. width / 23 height Small 18 in. width / 26 length each samba DVD is priced $14.99 +$4.00 Shipping & handling fee ($5.00 for international) buy now! via paypal
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