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Nick Birmelin Music Influences CUBA In 1998 Nick traveled with The Carribbean Music and Dance Foundation to Havana, Santiago and Guantanamo, Cuba. His trip took place during Carnaval in Cuba, and he was able to see parades in both Havana and Santiago. In each of these locations he studied various forms of folkloric Afro Cuban music and percussion including Rumba,Palo, Bembe, Conga and Tumba Francesa. BRAZIL Nick Birmelin has been playing and learning about Brazilian music and percussion since the early 90’s. The music of Brazil has been, and continues to be a great inspiration to him. He began by attending bateria classes with Justin Rogers in New York City, and playing with his group “Quilombo”. Over the years Nick has taken workshops and classes with many different instructors in addition to Master Drummer Jorge Alabe. Currently, he is leading the percussion for Brazilian dance classes at Alvin Ailey and Djoniba Dance studios. Nick has studied music and percussion in Rio De Janeiro and Bahia. He plans to return for the upcoming 2007 Carnaval in Rio De Janeiro.
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